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Energy Conservation - Energy Conservation Tips
Energy Conservation Tips
It is simple, if we have the will and concern !

 (A) Lighting System

  • Use natural light, which is healthy, & avoid switching ‘ON’ lights in daytime.

  • As far possible use task lighting like a reading lamp which focuses light where it is required. Switch OFF lights and fans before leaving the Room or House.

  • Replace incandescent Bulbs by CFL’s. CFL’s use 75% less Electricity then incandescent bulbs.

  • Replace copper / aluminum chokes of Tube lights by energy efficient Electronic Chokes. Replace T12 Tube lights by energy efficient T5 Tubes.

(B) Air Conditioners and Refrigerators

  • Using ceiling fan allows to set the thermostat of the AC higher because the air movement will cool the room. One can save 3 to 5% of energy for each degree above 22 C so set the thermostat at 25 C for most at least cost.

  • Use correct settings of thermostat of Refrigerator (Change settings for Winter & Summer) and avoid frequent and long duration opening of Refrigerator.

  • Allow hot and warm foods to cool and cover them well before putting them in refrigerators. Use Timer controlled switching ON / OFF Air Conditioners.

(C) Some other Tips

  • Switch off equipment like TV, Microwave Oven , Grinder, & Washing Machine at the Mains  Switch, Remote is only for use while the equipment is in use. Savings upto 7% is possible by this method.

  • Replace Resistance Regulators (Box type) of fans by Electronic Regulators. Avoid wasteful use of water by regulated water flow while
    1. Brushing Teeth, Shaving, Washing hands.
    2. Flushing Toilet, Washing Floor, Watering Plants, Washing Cars etc.
    3. These measures reduce power consumption for pumping water, apart from saving scarce water
  • Use of Solar water Heating for hot water requirements and use of Submersible  Pumps for pumping water from Bore wellwill reduce energy consumption.

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