The consumer has a right to know:

i.Each utility should be required to maintain a fully informed bi-lingual website containing details of organization structure, activities, infrastructure and facilities for the consumers. The annual financial statement of the organization and tariff applicable as per Commission order are public documents and may be placed on the site. List of Bill Collection Centres with addresses/contact numbers of concerned officer in-charge of complaint redressal for each Section/Sub-Division/Division, Schedule and compensation for Minimum Standards of Performance and important documents should be placed on the site.

ii. Entry into consumer's premises:

Consumers have a right to be informed by written notice/notice pasted on consumer’s premises prior to the entry into their premises by the CESUfor any prescribed purpose.

Identity cards should be carried by all employees or authorized person of the Utilities during service on entry into consumer premises.

iii. Notice of outages:

The CESUshall provide not less than twenty four hours notice through publication in local print or audio visual media or by public address system prior to an outage exceeding thirty minutes scheduled for the purpose of testing or any other purpose connected with the efficient working of the system.

iv. Information prior to the disconnection and procedure of reconnection:

The CESUmust follow the OERC (Licensees’ Standards of Performance) Regulations, 2004. The consumer shall be provided by written notice/notice pasted on consumer’s premises with prescribed minimum period of notice before disconnection.

Before disconnecting the service, licensee’s employee performing the disconnection must inform in writing reasons for disconnection and take the signature of an adult residing in the premises. If the proof of full payment is produced to the satisfaction of the Licensee’s employee deputed for disconnection, he shall not disconnect it. If there is no adult, the employee shall deliver a note which contains information as to reason for disconnection and how reconnection can be obtained.

The CESUis exempted from the notice requirements of the above Regulation only in cases where consumer's installation poses a danger to the health or safety of the consumers or Licensee’s employees or the public. An intimation to the local Assistant Electrical Inspector should be given.

Proof of service of notice for disconnection should be maintained with the utility failing which penal action may be instituted.

The CESUwill restore service promptly when the cause of the disconnection has been removed by the consumers.

v. Procedure for providing new connection:

The new connections are provided following the procedures as prescribed in OERC Distribution (Conditions of Supply) Code, 2004 and OERC (Licensees’ Standards of Performance) Regulations, 2004. For getting this service from the licensee, the potential consumers must follow the correct procedure. All intending consumers are eligible for supply of electricity within the prescribed time and on fulfillment of other official formalities, if feasible. An application complete in all respects will be taken to have been received 7 days from date of posting by registered post with AD. The applicant does have the right to be informed in writing about the reasons for rejection, personal hearing, and appeal and for removal of deficiencies in application for new connection as per the Complaint Handling Procedure.

vi.  Meter:

The CESUhas the responsibility to provide standard {and defect fee} meters unless the consumer opts to have his own meter. If the consumer opts in writing for the licensee’s meter and the same is not supplied within specified time, it will be deemed to be a delay in new connection and will be eligible for penalty as per regulation. It should be periodically inspected by the CESUand entered into the meter card with the signature of an adult residing in the consumer’s premises and expeditiously replaced/repaired whenever the meter is found defective/or the same  is intimated to the CESUby the consumer in writing. The consumer has the right to know the correctness of his meter.   

Energy Pass Book and Meter Card as approved by the Commission should be issued to all consumers with meters.

vii. Intimation for Reclassification of Consumers:

a.  In case the CESUintends to reclassify any consumer in terms of the Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission, Distribution (Conditions of Supply)Code,2004 or otherwise it has to notify the consumer accordingly and has to specifically inform in writing, if a fresh agreement needs to be executed in consequence of such reclassification.

b.   The notice shall state that CESUmay disconnect the supply of power if the consumer does not take the required steps as prescribed under Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission Distribution (Conditions of Supply) Code, 2004.

viii.  Notice Procedure:

All notice for disconnection shall be in writing. Notice for scheduled outages may be through publication in newspaper/public address system/electronic media/telephone. Service of notice to individual consumers shall be governed by Regulation  102 of the Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission Distribution ( Conditions of Supply ) Code, 2004.

ix. Tariff:

Consumers have a right to obtain copy of Tariff schedule on payment of charges. A copy of the said schedule shall be prominently displayed in all offices of the CESU dealing with the commercial aspects.

x. Bill details:

Any consumer should have the right to access details of his profile including record of payment in ledger on deposit of fees within a specified time limit. The same procedure as adopted by RTI may be followed.


i) The CESUis required to maintain minimum standard of performance in case of ;

a. restoration of power supply

b. quality of power supply

c.  period of scheduled outages

d.  complaint on meter

e.  application for new connection

f.   complaint on consumer bills

g.  complaint on reconnection after disconnection

h.  complaint on transfer of ownership and conversion of services

in the manner prescribed in the  OERC (Licensee’s  Standards of Performance) Regulations, 2004. For violation of the above the consumer has a right to compensation as per schedule of the above Regulations.


i) Complaint Handling Procedure

The CESUhas to follow consistently its own "Complaint Handling Procedure" approved by the Commission for proper and effective redressal of consumer grievances.


The CESUshall make a copy of "Consumer Rights Statement", "Code of practice on Payment of Bills", "Complaint Handling Procedure", "Copy of the Tariff Schedule" ( both in English and Oriya language) as revised from time to time, available for inspection by members of the public during normal working hours at his Head Office, Divisional Offices, Sub-Divisional and Section Offices.


       ii. The CESUshall provide a copy of "Consumer Rights Statement", "Code of practice on Payment of Bills", "Complaint Handling Procedure", "Copy of the Tariff Schedule" ( both in English and Oriya language) as revised from time to time, to any person who requests it on payment of reasonable charge and to each new consumer free of charge.


  1.  Utilities should provide details of documents provided to bonafide consumers under Section D (ii) of the Consumer Right Statement. The cost of the   same may be included in the new connection charges. Challan should be maintained for provision of paid copies of the same documents provided to consumers/members of public on demand. This dissemination by utilities may be monitored in the performance review meetings.

     iv.  The CESUshall display a copy of "Consumer Rights Statement" (both in English and Oriya language) in a conspicuous place of each Bill Collection Centre.


       v. In every quarter, the CESUshall publish the "Consumer Rights Statement" in Oriya language at least in one Oriya daily newspaper and in English language  in one English daily newspaper having wide circulation in the CESU's area of supply.


  1. Utilities should display prominently on bulletin boards at all Bill Collection Centres the Consumer Right Statement, Schedule for Minimum Standards of Performance and Compensation, Complaint Handling Procedure, Code of Practice on Payment of Bill and Tariff schedule. This should be inspected and reported periodically by Commission staff.


In order to enforce the above the Commission may hear complaints and pass orders u/s 142 for violation of the above or may delegate the same to any officer it deems fit.

Prepared and submitted by the CESUunder License condition No. 19.3 of Orissa 
Distribution License issued by  Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission.