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Energy Conservation - Safety Manual
Safety Manual

Treatment of Electricity Shock

Remember :
  • Act at once - delay is Fatal.

  • Death from electric shock is rarely instantaneous.

  • Heart Fibrillations (Heart Muscle Tremors) persist as long as 30 minutes after an Electric Shock. Therefore life can be saved by Immediate Artificial Respiration.

  • Send for but never wait for a Doctor.

  • Continue Artificial Respiration for four hours after apparent death.

Release from contact :

Switch off current immediately or send someone to do so. Do not attempt to remove a person from contact with high voltage unless suitable articles insulated for the system voltage are used for this purpose. When attempting to force a person from contact with low or medium voltage, use rubber gloves, boots, mat or insulated stick, but if these are not available, use a loop of rope, cap or coat to drag the person free. Whatever is used should be dry and nonconducting.
After release :

Lay the victim on a dry firm surface and remove any foreign material from the mouth. Feel the breathing . If there is no sign of breathing or restlessness start artificial respiration immediately. Do not lose any time, and if possible send for the Doctor and Ambulance. Check that the jaws are lifted and head tilted back so that the mouth and throat are clear. Check the pulse and continue respiration till the pulse is felt. Keep the patient  warm and allow him to get the fresh air.

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